Sack the cunt, who revels in the face of sticking two fingers to public decency….oh sorry political correctness. Generally people who are adverse to common sense are those throwbacks to an egalitarian jingoistic view of the world. Their marvel in our antiquated notion of nobility and hierarchy is not to be applauded but condemned and put out of it’s misery.

Jeremy Clarkson revels in this world but Top Gear is a big money spinner. I don’t understand the world of ‘petrolhead’ but then I’ve never thought driving a car really really fast was either big, clever or interesting; just another dull topic that Alpha males can walk each other off over, but the BBC shouldn’t back down IF he is guilty. This is an alleged assault and if I’m sure if a producer were to punch Clarkson, they’d be thrown to the dogs. However will they find a get out clause, banter, joshing, tom foolery come to mind, and back down or take a plunge and revisit the format without Clarkson.

The original Stig was on Radio 5 and it completely justified the view that Clarkson is a twat – it was like the old school boys network, described Clarkson basically as a man not to be trifled with and it’s all a bloody good show and he is a decent chap, punch up’s are good, not really a story. Tell that to anyone who has ever suffered workplace bullying.

Clarkson is not Marmite, unless it’s the pot you find at the back of the cupboard, outdated with mould growing in it from all the shit that is inside.

To Be Kind…………..Viva L’anarchie.