As soon as there is a proposed new building / service, whether it a school, a supermarket or a Mosque, the Nimbyist squad are out in force; the traffic, the noise, the reduction in speed limits, there is no need for that in our area. They moan, they complain, especially when services disappear due to the fact that nobody actually used them.

What a load of bollocks.

However when services are gradually ebbed away; rubbish collection, street cleaning, local park maintenance and upkeep, libraries, museums, art galleries, local care services having their funding cut, buildings of historical importance being left to rot; it all resulting in it being left to the volunteer sector stepping in – an essential paid job being replaced by free labour; not a peep.

None of the Nimbyists get on their pedestal (foundations of sand) , perhaps it would mean stop wanking over the computer, trying to give life to their dead negative destructive view, and going out within their own community, enjoying and supporting what it does have to offer not simply trying to create their own Nimbyist Utopia.

To Be Kind………….. Viva L’anarchie