A statue to commemorate Amy W(h)inehoue………..why. She was a talented singer that simply wasted her life through drink and drugs. It got to a point where she couldn’t even stand up on stage let alone sing, meaning that all those fans who paid money to see her were ripped off.

Was it the industry that did it to her or simply she hated life? Her first love was meant to be music but that got lost a long time ago, whatever her demons were, they certainly got the better off her. If it was he industry, then she could have left, none forces famous people to be famous. Over the years there have been greater icons that Amy that have died tragically but they don’t have statues. It simply smack of Camden trying to attract more tourists.

Amy will be known for her lifestyle far longer than her music and is not really an image that should be celebrated (Sid Vicious anyone). It would be more appropriate for Camden to have a statue of Lesley Rankine; stayed in the music industry longer than Amy, created the Camden lurch and every time I saw her live her performances always amazed.  A far better role model!