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As Teresa May has proven, the Tory Party are not very good with dates (just when should we extradite him!), so my belief that the bedroom tax is just a simply bit of tom foolery BUT they got the date wrong again.

As it was being announced, Cameron, Osborne and Clegg were meant to jump out and shout April Fool, once everybody had reacted in accordance the the level of evil that the tax will bring. Everyone would then realise that the Tories are simply good ole fun loving boys – David & George Duck, with Uncle IDS helping them concoct more mischief. But the evil Boss Hog Milliband with Cleetus Balls trying to stop there japes.

Oh to live in a valium induced bubble – nut you wake up and realize the Tory’s are just a bunch of cunts who are simply reactive but in a prejudicial way, so ringfence the wealth and the power in an ever decreasing circle. Perhaps it will become like highlander – There can only be one………greedy cunt.