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150px-EDL_LOG_Aug_2011You thought he was a right wing extremist, well you obviously misunderstood Tommy Robinson. Apparently his is an advocate of a mixed Britain just denouncing Islamic extremism; people are still trying to work out what bandwagon he is jumping on?

Stephen ‘Tommy Robinson’ Yaxley-Lennon’ announces his departure from the EDL due to it becoming overrun with right wing extremists, and he couldn’t control it. Funny that, a group hell bent on intimidating the Muslim community wherever their vile racist thugs were allowed to march, attracting the wrong sort of people; especially as Yaxley-Lennon took the name ‘Tommy Robinson’ after a notorious Luton Town football hooligan. Next Peter Thatchell will accuse Stonewall of attracting gay people!

This simply smacks of Robinson trying to enter into a legitimate political role. Nick Griffin and the BNP are politically dead so in a way we should congratulate Robinson for stepping up to fill that abhorrent void.  Backed by the fact he has been in consultation with the Quilliam Group, he (with henchman Kevin Carroll) announce they simply want to make a better Britain, with violence not being on the agenda.

Why lead an extremist army, getting arrested all the time, when you can join UKIP (or like) and get paid for expressing the same views?