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It’s typical of a Tory Government by putting out that public sector pensions are gold plated and should be demonised. Yes they are excellent pensions but thats only because the private sector offer such shit pensions that are usually based on the stock market which only benefits the rich. Why should everything be brought down to the lower level.

The Private sector is notorious for being anti union, and getting away with minimum benefits for the workforce; just because final salary pension schemes have been deconstructed by greedy investment consultants for the benefit of the company, doesn’t mean this logic should be applied to the public sector. If you are that enraged about the perceived inequality between private and public sector, go get a job in the public sector.

The ballot results are due today, and although the Tories have tried to scupper the mandate by putting down a ridiculous offer, but already having implemented the move from RPI to CPI (which affects all final salary pension schemes, private or public sector), it is simply a smokescreen. Lets the public march on November 30th and let the Tories know that the deconstruction of the pension schemes won’t be taken sitting down.