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The Jubilee is over, the flags are now redundant but they will be replaced as Euro 2012 is nearly upon us. St George’s Flags in abundance, pledging our loyalty to a team that has alwys failed to deliver. Take away the football aspect, and the plethera of the red cross on a white backgroung strikes fear in many people. The EDL tried to counter the Republic demo but failed (see Ian Bone’s Blog).

Although the Union Flag (it’s only the Union Jack when on a ship) doesn’t appear to hold the same racist statement that it did in the late 70’s it has conveniently been replaced by the George Cross. The flag means nothing but support for my country I hear you cry, but there has always been an undercurrent of racism within football just waiting to have a voice. Whenever the streets and cars become emblazened in the red and white flags it appears to give a mandate to the EDL – who are very nice people, simply passionate about their country! 

Whilst the Jubilee and all it’s flags looked ‘so quiant’ to many, the same can’t be said about a sea of England Flags. You may not agree that it all smacks of jingoism, a time yearning back to the crusades, but next time the EDL march (or remain static in a kettle) just look at what flag they wave.