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So Clegg and Cameron present a united front for the announcement of increased investment into the railways, as if that will paper over the cracks. The Tories need the liberals to blame if things go wrong – it wasn’t our policy it was theirs – the same as the whole ‘austerity’ thing is blamed for the cuts, but take away the recession and the Liberals and what would you have?

A fucking heartless cowardly government who are attacking the elderly and the youth of today, whilst allowing those with significant wealth to be left alone. Even Thatcher didn’t attack the elderly, but as there is no working class industries left for Cameron to destroy he is now dismantling aall support services for the working class – if you have no money FUCK OFF AND DIE – it has quite a ring for the new tory poster campaign.

Throughout history the Tories have never been known for their advanced thinking (it was Thatcher that let the Bankers use their reserves to invest with) and I dread to think what state this country will be in if the Tories get in again. Probably get the youth to round up the elderly, whose bank balance doesn’t cover care cost, into ghettoes where they won’t be a burden on society. Get rid of the elderly whilst giving the youth gainful employment – another manifesto promise from the party that cares – if you can’t afford care and support – FUCK OFF AND DIE.