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Just what have you a right to expect out of life? You have a right to be free from oppression and being thrown to the wolves, hence we have a benefits system, but you also have a right to work for a FAIR wage. The benefits that are paid to people are not enough to live on with the current prices of food, rents etc..so it really isn’t right where a job doesn’t pay enough to encourage those who want to and can work to get a job.

Thatcher started the rot with destroying apprenticeships, with YTS, IDS is destroying the benefits system but still allowing employers to pay next to nothing wages. Which moves me onto the Wolves, certain players are simply fucking shit players on 20-40k a week  and don’t appear to be making an effort, whilst fans are paying a fortune to watch their non performance. Where is the justice, no wonder people only want to become famous or marry a footballer!

Do they owe us a living – OH COURSE THEY FUCKIN DO!