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_70124027_asdacropAsda and Tesco have been in trouble this week for selling halloween costumes that were deemed offensive and / or stereotyped to people with mental health issues. I suffer from mental health issues and say get a fucking life.

What about Asda (Walmarts) policy on unions and part timers, what about Tesco forcing farmers prices down so low farms are going out of business, what about loss making pricing to force local competition to close down; I find this far more offensive.

Horror films create the stereotypes and halloween allows people to imitate them. If theyUnknown are going to ban anything what about jeans, red braces, and fred perry T-shirts, hair clippers, yes you too can dress like a right wing thug and poor bile into the country but that’s freedom of speech – give me a stereotyped halloween costume any day, its less frightening.

You’ve got to love the liberals and their ‘do-gooding’ ways.