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Remember Remember………..any fucking date in November!

Guy Fawkes didn’t want rid of parliament and the establishment, he just wanted a different establishment because they believed in the same old bollocks he believed in (Catholicism). Religion was the centre of the plot and not a lot has changed.

Whilst the mask of Fawkes as used in the film V for Vendetta has come to symbolise everything from anonymity to anarchy, Fawkes, is know euphemistically as a conspirator, but in this day and age he would be known as a terrorist / freedom fighter (not mine to judge) but has been adopted as an anti- establishment figure despite wanting an establishment dogmatically run by perverts and would be Nazi’s.

Or are historical facts irrelevant because Alan Moore is so cool? It wouldn’t quite be acceptable for masses to wear masks of other anti establishment people, say Bin Laden for example?

Guido Fawkes was a simple pawn who wanted one master replaced by another, because of God – does that make him insane or just stupid. There have been other attempted revolutions throughout history and I wonder why none as celebrated as this. Probably due to it being a symbol of the failing of Catholics to rise against the Church of England (or even Scotland failing against England?). King James wanted fires everywhere to show that he hadn’t been burnt alive, the plot, and the firework companies have cashed in ever since. It was about the 17th century when the west started taking an interest in the fireworks created in China.

Or in Lewes – No Gods No Masters – they will burn any figure of authority/oppression (Think Wicker man if you don’t know, as the bonfire boys go running through the streets). Which is strange for a real right wing town!