So Lewis Hamilton won the most tedious award shown on television; isn’t there some law that if he spends more than 30 minutes on this soil he’ll have to pay tax. Backstage, I sure Clarkeson was shoving the hamster up his arse laughing about how cool it is to drive really fast in cars that real people can’t afford. When do you actually stop being a Briton – the sooner the better – give some respect to all those sportspeople who don’t know if they even have a GB team to compete in next year, let alone a spoilt cunt who never worked a day in his life and refuses to live in this country where they may use some of his ridiculous wealth to help those less fortunate than him.

Yet again the BBC back the bad apples – Saville, Clarkson and now Hamilton – all have one thing in common is that they want to play by their rules and the BBC, the taxpayers channel, let them do it. At least you know Simon Cowell et al is only out to make money yet the relentless advertising by the BBC of it’s own products, (isn’t that a monopolies issue), and now the exclusivity of some BBC programmes to those who download podcasts, getting additional information.

When you see Lewis Hamilton wrapped in a Union Jack and hear the argument regarding the impartiality of the BBC just ask i yourself is it all that it seems>

To Be Kind…viva L’anarchie.