We live in a country where democracy dictates as to who is running the country, however despite having 650 constutuencies, parliament is run like it elections are a presidential campaign. Whatever the party policy is, everyone is expected to follow suit, even if that may actually be detrimental to your area. MP’s are purley career politicians, caring primarily about where each decision may take their career, not about the area they supposidly represent.

County councils have less power, less money and even less respect as they have privatised every service they can to companies purely motivated by profit. 

I say this as there should be a by election in Croydon North (which covers most of South Norwood), after Malcolm Wickes recently died. Mr Wickes had a great reputation for putting South Norwood first, and worked tirelessly for the area. Who will take up this mantle and does it really make any difference.

Will things ever change – not until the public completely reject the mandate:

  • at least 40%+ of the people on the electoral roll need to vote to validate the election.
  • Spoilt papers should be counted as a non vote, a vote against all candidates but not inluded in the 40%

If any of the party’s truly cared about public support they would propose a system like this to truly understand the demographic of this country. Voting is a right that was originally kept from the working class and women, it should be now used to end a system based upon inequality.