I thought I would be really happy when Thatcher died, but in the cold light of day I am just really upset! All the news reports showing the riots, the strikes, the demo’s etc just made me want to cry. Margaret Thatcher may not exist as a person anymore but her devastating philosophy will haunt this country for centuries. The death of mining (Scargill was right), engineering and manufacturing, the sale of council house are our rewards from Thatcherism.

The fact she called Nelson Mandela a ‘Terrorist’ whilst cuddling up with Botha and Reagan, both right wing extremists, show that she was completely removed from the real world. She wanted to destroy liberty and opposed anyone who would disagree with her viewpoint, including her own party; just look at the Tory casualties who tried to stand up to her. The Falklands war was her only way of saving the next election so despite advice from leading military experts we went to war and she was voted in!

Did we all hope that when Thatcher died we would wake up from the despair and suffering that engulfs this country as a direct result of her policies. My only salvation is that over the last few years she hopefully suffered great anguish that her conviction politics didn’t work for the majority and pushed the country to the point of no return.

My biggest concern is that all the right wing media are going to have a field day with all the celebrations which will galvanise Tory support. Osborne has already proven that they are happy to use death to their advantage (Fillpotts) and Cameron will be making the most out of this situation.

There should be a big turn out on Saturday all over the country for ‘Ding Dong the witch is dead’ and I too shall raise a glass but remember all those lives she ruined  without any thought or remorse.