What the fuck, another homophobic, racist, misogynistic self centred cunt elected by people with probably the same values. Emily Thornberry resigned over her tweet that has had her labelled a snob – this is where values become fucked up. UKIP say we need to talk about immigration and the issues it causes, but what about talking about the UKIP voter that usually voted BNP or EDL – to me thats not snobbish just common sense -if the BNP & EDL were wiped off the face of the earth it would be a good thing. This isn’t snobbish just evolution – how has UKIP become the face of the working class, it isn’t, just the face of bigoted thick cunts who haven’t evolved over the last century, nothing to do with working class. I have been to Rochester and one of the first thing I noticed was that their were more St George’s cross flags on display with EDL emblazed all over them. The more society evolves the less aggressive and more tolerant it should be.

I see anarchy as the point at which society has evolved and progressed that people do not need to be told what to do, as they see everyone as an equal.

I am working class and ashamed to have my class associated with such ignorance – however there is hope – a chance for people to lose their own sense of their own self an become tuned with another person.