As NHS staff stage a 4 hour strike for a measly 1% pay rise, but paradoxically undermining their strike action by ensuring all services are covered (such is their dedication). However all the news is plastered with Lewis Hamilton, the man who says he’s British but won’t live here due to tax. What a fucking cunt, this man has more money than he can ever spend and refuses to live in this country even under a Tory tax regime.

There will always be a need for a state when people resort to primal instinct of selfishness and greed when confronted with a choice. What if all the NHS staff chose a different career, or chose to work private, but they won’t because it’s not in the psyche – most simply want to help people.

Who should we really applaud, who do we want to live in this country, who are the real heroes.

Too be Kind…….viva L’anarchie