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Yes, Tarzan, once seen as one of Thatcher’s henchmen has come out and stated that Local Councils should be given money to decide where it should be invested as they know the area the best.

You can look at this and see it as another attempt to dissolve responsibility from the Government, but anyone who remembers how local politics was in the 80’s should welcome this. When local councils had true power, policy making power, they were usually made up from local people and in return policy reflected that. Liverpool & Sheffield to name but two drove fear into Thatcher as they had become virtual mini independent socialist states – and we don’t have to really mention the GLC. Policies were put in place that were fair, moral and supported those who needed it – fuck the rich.

If there is ever going to be change this is how it needs to happen; an oxbridge etonian career politician won’t give a fuck about your area per-say, probably only tow the party line. Fuck Parliament, bring the true power that effects the majority of the people back to the area, where councillors live amongst you and cannot rent out a second home to their sisters cousin for a fortune.

If Parliament was ever representative of the country it certainly isn’t know – DeValera knew what sitting in a London Centric party meant, so did Gerry Adams and Scotland.